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Mark and Debra Boshell are the owners of Boshell Custom Woodwork Odenville Alabama. Mark began building things and & became a DIY expert from | 205.239.6066

Mark Boshell and beautiful granddaughter

Mark and Debra Boshell are the owners of Boshell Custom Woodwork in Odenville, Alabama.

Mark began building things and has worked at becoming an expert in DIY from the time he and Debra married out of necessity and then found he loved to work with his hands.

Mark turned a life-long hobby into a business in 2013 and began creating custom outdoor furniture pieces for other people.  His business just grew from there.

He now builds quality custom wood furniture and woodwork products for your home and leisure as well as works with homeowners and other companies with general home repair and remodel.

Some of his most recent custom woodworking projects include bed swings, adirondack chairs, wishing wells, dog beds, doll beds and more.

Mark Boshell owner of Boshell Custom Woodwork Odenville Alabama building quality custom outdoor furniture | 205.640.3465

Mark enjoying a cookout at Sportsman Lake

Be sure to watch Mark’s videos as he explains his construction process of the products he builds utilizing a mortis and tendon joints with hardwood wooden dowels and no staples or nails.  All products are high quality, high strength and guaranteed.

Mark would love the opportunity to build a custom piece for you and your family to enjoy.

Please contact Mark at 205.239.6066 or Debra at 205.362.6260 to discuss your project needs.

Boshell Custom Woodwork is located in Odenville, Alabama and would like to build you a high quality wood furniture piece that you will be very happy with and give you the piece of mind that your purchase will be enjoyed for many years.  Mark can offer you a 5 year guarantee on craftsmanship and design.