Wall Sconce Set

$35.00 $25.00

Custom Wall Sconce Set of 2


Custom Built Wooden Wall Sconce Set perfect for any home, beach property or lake house.

These quality custom built wooden wall sconces are constructed from treated lumber  with a special process that slows down drying process and cracking.  Builder recommends that this product to be left natural and unpainted for at least three months to give time for the wood to age and better accept a coat of paint or stain so this product comes unpainted.  Wall sconce is built to last and will look great for many years left natural with a coat of sealer, painted or stained.  Available for local pickup or to schedule delivery (additional delivery charge to apply).

This wall sconce set of 2 are  perfect for your home, beach property, lake house property or business.

Flowers used for display, but not included.