Wishing Well – Our Top Seller

Our wishing well is our top seller right now at Boshell Custom Woodwork and would look great in your landscaping for your home or lake house.  It is handcrafted and constructed from treated lumber to withstand weather elements and treated with our very own solution that slows down the drying and cracking process.

Be sure to watch some of our videos to see how we construct our outdoor furniture and other wood projects.  We only use quality materials and put our products together with dowels and screws.  You can always find cheaper products put together with nails, but we feel very strongly about how we put our furniture together to last for many years.

We feel so strongly that we can offer a 5 year warranty on workmanship and design.

custom built wishing well by Boshell Custom Woodwork Odenville Alabama in the Greater Birmingham area| 205.640.3465 or 205.239.6066

Here is a link to more information about our wishing well:

Custom Built Wishing Well

Do you have another decorative wood piece that you would like built for a specific purpose?  Just call Mark at Boshell Custom Woodwork today at 205.640.3465 or 205.239.6066 to discuss your particular project!

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